Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another Rainy Day

I was excited when I looked out and saw an overcast day. Yesterday was ridiculously hot and I actually retreated into malls and grocery stores (definitely not my favorite places) just to loiter in the air conditioning! The rain does make me feel a little trapped indoors though....what to do....what to do...

Oh yeah! Duh!

I remember one of my backup plans for Buenos Aires was writing! If all else fails, I thought, at least I'll have some quiet time for writing. Living with Robert, as much as I love it, really distracted me from writing...well, I allowed the distraction. Why write when we were playing video games? Why read when we could watch a movie? Oy, the banes of the technologically comfortable lifestyle!

But, here in Buenos Aires, I have very few distractions and it might turn out to be a pretty good environment to get some writing done. Today should be perfect with the rain and fresh air! Let's see what I can come up with...


  1. Good luck on the writing...and I hope you stay dry. Seems ironic to leave here only to get wet elsewhere.

  2. I find rainy days and a nice cup of coffee with an added touch of peaceful silence make a nice environment for writing =)

  3. go girl- write away- I like the river pics