Monday, January 26, 2009

Dias Uno y Dos

I spent my first day processing my new location. I got money from the bank, which actually turned out to be quite the time-consuming pain in the a**. There are (small) limits to how much you can pull out of the ATM at one time, long lines, and broken machines. I explored my neighborhood briefly and was a bit disappointed to see that a bunch of construction is happening right outside my window. So, when I first got into my room, it was full of loud jackhammering! Also, it didn’t help that my room also faces a very busy street full of honking horns, sirens, and people walking around shouting. This all added to my uncomfortable and shocking first day. On the upside, when I get off at the subway stop and forget which direction to go, I just look for all the construction regalia outside my apartment.

I also live in a less than elegant neighborhood, and while the first day I was a bit perplexed about how I might enjoy this part of Buenos Aires, each day I like my room and neighborhood more and more. I snapped this picture today and it was the first time I actually observed my current home from the outside – it’s a kind of cool looking building!

I bought some fruit for snacking and plug adaptor for my laptop. On a side note, on the way to buy fruit, I’m proud to say that a woman asked me for directions. I think I have this strange superpower that I always appear to know where I’m going. It’s useful for traveling.

Also, on my first day I tried to go out with some Australians who are staying here for a beer. Unfortunately, the recycled airplane air and the hot Buenos Aires weather created an unstoppable nosebleed that embarassingly cut our night short.

Day Two: The City Center

I first went to the main plaza of the city, Plaza de Mayo. This is an amazing area with elegant old buildings in spectacular condition. – The primary plaza in the city. I was amazed by all the elegant, old buildings, most in this area are in great condition. I need to make sure to go there next Thursday for the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo. These women still

protest for a full account about the people who were disappeared (particularly the kidnapped children) during the Dirty War 1976-1983. Apparently there are other activists in the plaza who protest this or that about the government or life in general. When I took my pictures, it was a lazy Sunday without these kinds of activities. And when I was there I didn't pay close enough attention to the protesters.

The Casa Rosada in the plaza has been the site of many important speeches, and Madonna singing Don’t Cry for me Argentina….

Also in the plaza is the Museo del Cabildon. The former town center and former jail is a little mixed up museum with a lot of old stuff thrown together. See the white building on the right in this picture?

I've also spent some time gawking but not shoping along Florida Avenue. This is a long street with beautiful stores, street vendors, performers and all kinds of shoppers! It was too hot to shop for me though!

At the end of Aveneda Florida is a very elegant mall, Galerias Pacificos. Spectacular! Take that Bel-Square!


  1. Sorry for the sloppiness of this post. I'm actually having some trouble with formatting blogspot. I don't know how to describe my difficulties other than: I'm going f-ing nuts! So, here it is...good enough!

  2. Gorgeous pics, Cass. Too bad about the construction. Hit the flea market for a loud fan, I guess. White noise is your friend?